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Sudbury's ethnic variety over the past century, with its mix of French, Italian, and many other Europeans has created a tradition of hearty cooking. Sudbury's work-hard traditions mean that the food served here is meant to fill you up and energize you. In the past, that's been important for the workers in physically demanding sectors like timber and mining, but is also great for those rugged individuals enjoying the scenic splendours around Sudbury.

Sudbury doesn't really have a restaurant district, but you WILL find a restaurant for pretty well any kind of food along the very street you're driving along. And if you're downtown...there's plenty there too.

Downtown has the higher-end noon hour restaurants and fine dining establishments, the area close to campus has the cheaper eats, and the outlying residential areas have the family-friendly and affordable dining options. Sudbury has over 200 restaurants.

This website also covers neaby communities including smaller centres that are now part of Greater Sudbury, as well as the nearby city of North Bay, about an hour's drive east along the #17 Trans-Canada Highway. We also cover various vacation areas around Sudbury, including the North Channel of Lake Huron (west of Manitoulin is covered by our Sault Ste Marie website), Manitoulin Island, and south to Georgian Bay and the French River (south of the French River is covered by our Barrie-Muskoka website).

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