Lockerby, LoEllen - Sudbury, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

View of Paris Street

The South End of Sudbury is south of Ramsey Lake Road which includes the urban neighbourhoods of Robinson, Maki Point, Lockerby, Moonglo, Lo-Ellen, and Algonquin. The area is centered around Four Corners, a major commercial shopping district centred on the intersection of Regent Street, Paris Street and Long Lake Road.


The community has three public elementary schools and two Catholic elementary schools, with two public school board high schools and a Catholic high School. The community is very accessible to Laurentian University, just to the east.


The community's shopping is focused along the junction of Paris/Long Lake Street and Regent Street, where there are several shopping centres and "category killer" box stores. The Southridge Mall, on the southeast corner of the Four Corners, is undergoing a major expansion. Laurention


The community has several large undeveloped lands dotted with small and medium-sized lakes, plus a number of developed city parks. To the east is the Lake Laurentian Conservation area, and to the north is Bell Park, which is also home to Science North, an IMAX Theatre,


The main streets have many townhouses and high rises clustered alongside. Single family housing is more predominant off the main streets. Most of the housing in this area is built in the 1960s, with a growth spurt in the 1980s and 90s. Most of the planned growth in the city is targeted for this area, since it has a lot of undeveloped land.

The prestige homes in the community are on Maki Point, in the middle of Nepahwin Lake, as well as further to the east on the South Peninsula, east of Laurentian University.

Community Map

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