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Copper cliff

This community is very much a "company town," built by the mining company so its staff may live affordably and close to the mines and smelter at Copper Cliff. This area has its own heritage district, and its own "ethnic" area, just west of the smelter. Because Inco is still a main employer of Copper Cliff residents, the transit service is very good, especially around shift-change hours.


This cozy community has a public elementary school. It is a commute to all secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.


The community's shopping is done in the small shops and stores in Copper Cliff, as well as nearby in Lively. For major shopping trips, locals head to the junction of Long Lake / Paris and Regent Streets, where there are several shopping centres and "category killer" box stores.


The community has its own indoor ice arena, indoor swimming pool, and community centre. Just to the south is the Fielding Bird Sanctuary on the shores of Kelley Lake. It is a short drive south to the beautiful Fielding Park, on the southwest shore of Kelley Lake. A little further away, to the west, is the city-run Lively Ski Hill.

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