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Capreol (population 4,000) is located north of Sudbury on Highway 84, on the Vermillion River which flows into Wanapitei Lake. Capreol was a major divisional point on the Canadian National Railway line, and was named for an early promoter of the Northern Railway of Canada. Early families were farmers, and by 1918, the area had 60 families and became incorporated as a town.

In 1973, Capreol expanded to include the nearby villages of Sellwood and Milnet, and in 2001 was amalgamated into the City of Greater Sudbury to become part of Ward 7. both Milnet and Sellwood are now ghost towns, and location of Sellwood is now an open pit mine.


Capreol has a public elementary, a Catholic elementary and a public high school.



Capreol has an indoor ice arena and a running track. It also has the city-run Capreol Ski Hill on the banks of the pretty Vermillion River.


Capreol is mostly (86%) single family detached housing with some low rise apartments, and a smattering of other housing types.

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