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FoundLocally develops high-traffic city-based business-oriented Internet search engines used by both locals and visitors. We can do this by providing PLENTY OF FREE INFORMATION! This combination creates an ideal targetted business-to-business and consumer advertising opportunity. Find out about how other businesses and organizations leverage their Internet advertising dollar using FoundLocally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FoundLocally?

FoundLocally is a comprehensive local information website integrated with a database of local businesses, event, jobs, coupons, and news. Our search features can look up listings by a variety of different search options. Check the menu bar on the left to find the category you are looking for.

How do I know the listings are comprehensive and current?

Visitors to our site post their own businesses and organizations, as well as their events, news, jobs and coupons. By letting them post and update their own information, they ensure information about themselves is up-to-date and accurate. During site setup, and periodically, we review phone book listings to research the community for new businesses and organizations. While we count of busineses to keep their own information up-to-date, we know--on ocassion--they forget. We also listen to the feedback and suggestions from thousands of local users, to add new businesses to our site, and remove those that have gone out of business.

When you Really, Really Want to get found

How can FoundLocally do all that for Free?

Each year since inception, the company has been able to re-invest in new information content, functionality & features, as well as adding to the network of communities covered by We are grateful to our site's visitors, our advertisers, our contributors, and all those who have provided us feedback helping us to improve our content.

We earn enough from our display advertising ("banner ads") from national or international brands wishing to reach our locally-focused audience, so that we are able to allow local businesses and community groups to post their information for free. Please support our display advertisers.

What is FoundLocally's Background?

FoundLocally was founded in 1999 to make the benefits of the Internet accessible to a broad audience, providing access to a wide range of community information, and giving local businesses and community groups a powerful channel to reach their increasingly on-line local audience to promote themselves, their events, their job or volunteer opportunities, their coupons & sales, and other news FOR FREE. In fact, most of our site is free to all users and local businesses.

Our site publishes both editorial and Social Media content to inform locals & visitors about a full range of day-to-day topics, and help them connect with local stores & services. Each community site distills research from thousands of directories, books, brochures and web sites, supplemented by ongoing feedback from our visitors, so YOU don't have to take the time and effort (trying to use global search engines trying to find the best local information). We are proud that our content and our advertising is "family friendly, school friendly and office friendly" and appropriate to all ages. We encourage editorial & photographic submissions to help educate the marketplace (you should use the NEWS tab of your free listing for posting self-promotional announcements).

We are also proud that all feedback is read by Mark Ruthenberg, the company's founder and General Manager, usually on the same day as it is submitted.