SudburyCooking: Taking The Stress Out Of Cooking

Author: Mark Walters

It can be exhausting to produce a meal, that pleases everyone, at the exact time that it's needed. And that doesn't even take into account the clean up! It doesn't need to be the stressful affair that it often turns out to be though. Like with other things, planning and preparation are the keys to success.

Utilize these simple suggestions to help organize your dinner. You might be surprised to see that a meal can be prepared and cleaned away so quickly and effortlessly. A cleaner and more organized kitchen will be an added bonus.

  1. Plan ahead. The more you do so the easier it'll be when the times comes to perform.

  2. Organize your kitchen. Always having kept certain items in certain places doesn't mean that you should continue to do so. Move your most often used items to spots nearest where you most often stand and give away any utensils or appliances that no longer get used.

  3. Keep a plastic bag on the work surface where you cook. Do so, and you can drop all the garbage straight in there, rather than having it build up and get scattered around. Once you're done, then you just need to make a single trip to the garbage can.

  4. Place your ingredients back in the cupboard straight after you finish with them. Use some time to clean up while you cook and you will be amazed at how much more manageable the state of your cooking area is when you're done.

  5. Buy in bulk where possible. Have dry goods on hand that you tend to use frequently in order to minimize the likelihood of last minute grocery store trips.

  6. Wash a dish or two early. Sure there will be dishes to wash after everyone is done eating, but by cleaning at least of few of the prep dishes in between simmers and stirs, then you'll be cutting down the workload later on.

  7. Set the table early. If this is done an hour or so earlier it won't compete for your attention at mealtime.

  8. Delegate. Make sure your family members know beforehand what is expected of them i.e. clearing the plates, doing the dishes etc.

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