Sudbury Avoiding Pitfalls of Buying Teenage Girl's Clothing

Author: Vicki Rossington

Navigating the closet of a teenage girl can be perilous. Buying teen girl's clothing is often just as difficult. Trying to buy clothes for your teen daughter without her present can result in arguments, wasting time and valuable money. These tips will help you purchase teen girl's clothes both you and your teenager can live with!

  1. You should start by knowing your style limits. Your teenager may want to buy clothes that you find either ugly or distasteful-they are teenagers, after all. If you intend to draw the line on what teen girl's clothes you are willing to buy for her, know before you begin shopping where that line lies. You can always compromise with her, but know your limits; be clear with your daughter before you go shopping what these limits are, this will avoid unnecessary arguments.
  2. You should also know what your limits are in terms of money. Teen girl's clothing can be expensive, much more expensive than clothing for younger girls. Make a budget for your shopping excursion and try to stick to it. Remember, teenage girls love to wear the brands their peers are wearing, often high-end designer brands. Be clear with your daughter the budget she has before you set out on your shopping trip. This way your daughter will be aware of what budget she needs to adhere to and can shop around within these limits.
  3. Ask your teenager what she wants, but also be aware of what she needs; she may want a halter-top, but she may need a bra. Together, go through the clothing she currently owns to see what needs replacing, as well as what kind of clothing she already has enough of. Suggest additions to her wardrobe if you think of something she needs-you never know, she might agree!
  4. Consult other parents of teenage girls regarding where they shop for teen girl's clothing, there are numerous outlet stores which stock designer labels which teenagers love for a fraction of the cost of high-end boutiques. Since there are so many shopping choices, it is always good to compare notes regarding which retailers have the best selections.
  5. Searching online before your go to the shopping mall can be invaluable, you and your daughter can compare prices of clothing before you go and will have a clearer idea of where you are going and what you are looking for. You also want to know what kind of clothes each retailer offers. Some retailers sell more conservative clothing, while others emphasize racy styles, which you may want to avoid. Search online with your daughter before you go out shopping, look at the styles and prices of clothing she likes beforehand. Disapproving at home can be much easier than in a busy shopping mall where an argument could erupt.
  6. Be sure to take your daughter with you when you shop. It is essential that she has a say in what you buy or you may find yourself returning everything, or worse still wasting money on clothing that will never be worn. Plus, it is always helpful to have her try the clothes on before you purchase them. Just let her know your limits when it comes to styles and expenses.

Lastly, before you buy, ask about the retailer's return policy. Once all of your purchases are at home, you may find that your teenager has changed her mind. Maybe a piece of clothing you bought just looks different. In any case, find out how long you have to return merchandise before you buy it. By following these tips you and your daughter will purchase items of clothing you both agree on, making for a pleasant and memorable shopping experience for both of you.

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