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Sudbury is a major city with a wide range of educational institutions.

Track and Sports Field at Laurentian University Laurentian University
This university, lies on 750 acres overlooking the beautiful Ramsey Lake, and is only minutes from downtown. It has degree programs in both English an French and also caters to the needs of First Nations peoples. The university has a state-of-the-art J.N. Desmarais Library, a Mines and Mineral Research Centre, and a new Health Science Education Resource Centre. The university also conducts $6 million of applied research each year, and is a partner in the Sudbury Nutrino Observatory. 705-675-1151.

Cambrian College
Cambrian College, from northeast side This college, with its campus off Barry Downe Rd, offers over 100 full-time specialized programs (including 8 just for First Nations students) and 600 part-time programs and courses. Cambrian focuses on career-oriented education combining classroom with hands-on practical work. Many of the programs are designed as a result of partnerships with business and industry, in order to address real-world human resource concerns. 705-566-8101.

College Boreal
Located just north of downtown, this college is a French language community college, with six satellite campuses around northern Ontario. The College offers 63 post-secondary programs. It has a state-of-the-art private multimedia communications facility, which is used to deliver over 130 courses a week. It was one of the first in Canada to integrate and require notebook computers for its students. 705-560-6673.

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