Sudbury Consumer: What kind of Rice Cooker is right for you?

Author: Michael Bernier

"Rice cookers fit easily in today's lifestyle and have gained popularity over the last few years. When a cooker has all the necessary rice needs, it becomes a source of convenience! Cookers now-a-days can steam vegetables and meat as the rice cooks, thus providing whole meal options. The variations of rice cookers come in capacity, and the addition of extra features such as a flavor center and a warm setting to keep the rice warm after cooking. It can also be used to cook desserts, cereals, stews and soups. Therefore, cookers have gained popularity as they can cook or one or a crowd as well.

As general cooking goes, water and rice can be combined in a cooker. You then press the button to start and when the cooking finishes, the cooker automatically senses a rise in the temperature and the change in moisture as the rice absorbs all liquid. Cookers come in various brands, styles, features and prices and need to be taken care of and used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Pot-style Rice Cookers:

Pot-style rice cookers come at an inexpensive price and are easy to operate as well. They range from size for 3-30 cups of rice. There is a removable pot in the middle, usually made of aluminum or non-stick, in which the rice cooks. It is inserted into the rice cooker body and is then covered with a lid which is vented. A few of these cookers come with a steam tray attached used for cooking vegetables, fish or chicken at the same time. A switch turns the cooker on, and it automatically stops when the rice is ready. Most of the rice cookers have a 'keep warm' mode and they switch to it when the rice is cooked and it stays on that mode until the cooker is turned off.

Cool-touch Rice Cookers:

Cool-touch rice cookers are those types of rice cookers that have hinged lids. These lids seal in the steam and moisture. The size for this type of rice cookers ranges from 4-10 cups of uncooked rice. The cooking method is similar to the pot-style cooker, except the inner pot is sealed inside the cooker which remains cool to the touch during the cooking process. Even though it is a bit more expensive, the cool-touch rice cookers offer portability and improved moisture retention. Most of the cool-touch rice cookers feature digital controls and delay times along with other specialized functions which are for brown rice. "

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