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Author: Bob Cummins

Induction cookware is the cookware of the future. These pots and pans are reactive to magnetic fields so that they will heat up from the electro magnetic field that is generated by the induction cooktop. This type of cooktop has been used in Europe for quite some time and is becoming very popular now in the US.

Many restaurants and home kitchens are turning toward this type of cooking technology because it is a more efficient form of cooking and can be extremely safe and can cost significantly less than the traditional electric or gas stoves or ovens. Also these cooking surfaces do not have heating elements to get burned on and they are easier to clean.

These kinds of cooking vessels need to be magnetic and have an absolutely flat bottom. Cookware for induction ranges are made from magnetic materials,iron being one of them to generate heat magnetically which transfers to the food. Some of your conventional pots and pans that you have right now might be able to be used on a induction cooktop.

If you have any cast iron cookware well your good to go. However you may have other cookware that can be used for this type of cooking and you can find out by just using a simple magnet.

Just take a magnet and place on the bottom of the pot or pan and if it sticks to the bottom then it will work with an induction cooktop. If the magnet sticks to the pan without assistance, then the cookware simply is not suitable for induction cooking.

Non-induction cookware simply will not work on an induction stove or oven. Some of these cooking vessels would be made from aluminum, copper and glass just to name a few.

There are a number of manufacturers today offering what is called induction ready or induction compatible cookware. This cookware typically can be used on convention cooktops as well as induction type cooktops. Remember if your not sure if a piece of cookware is induction ready just perform the simple magnet test.

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