Sudbury Consumer: - Go Green When Shopping

There are a number of ways to "go green" when shopping.

  1. Buy locally produced items, including produce and other goods. This reduces the fossil fuels used to transport your consumables from other regions or other countries. Often less plastic & paper packaging is needed for shorter shipping distances.
  2. Bring your own reusable tote bags Instead of using grocery stores' disposable plastic or paper bags, re-usable cloth bags (often made from recycled materials themselves) are sold as cheap as a dollar at many grocers and other retailers. The bags are sturdier than disposable bags, and they don't waste resources or end up in landfills. If you must use disposable bags, avoid double-bagging for all but the heaviest loads.
  3. Garden non-toxicly Often, over-applied pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers can put your family and pets at increased health risk. Pesticides and sharp garden implements should be stored out of reach of children, if not behind locked doors. There are 230,000 hospital emergency room visits for injuries related to various lawn and garden tools. Pesticides and lawnmower and leaf-blower emissions impact the clean air and drinking water.
  4. New Facilities should be Built Green Urge your school district to construct new green schools, using LEED standards, and undertake green renovations of existing schools for your children.

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