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Conference Calls or Business Travel - What's in your budget this year?

Author: James K King

The recent economic shake up has prompted many businesses large and small to shine a spotlight on their expenditure, one area in particular to receive additional scrutiny is business travel.

American Express Business Travel recently released the results of its 2009 European Barometer, in which 66% of respondents reported a reduction in their budgets, with an average cut of 31% over the previous year. A contracting market has also created a significant shift in attitude towards what kind of expenditure is justifiable, with a focus on client retention and accountability instead of ambitious new business development and lavish corporate entertainment.

In the meantime, conferencing technologies have evolved, boasting remarkably simple interfaces based on reliable technology platforms, backed up by the latest advances in server technology and cloud computing. Many businesses are now questioning why they should spend large amounts of money travelling to and from client meetings when they can communicate effectively via conference call or video conferencing. Even in the new business sector the ability to easily exchange important documents and presentations simultaneously is revolutionising the way business win new accounts.

With the careful selection of a trusted conference call provider, businesses can manage their client communications more effectively and encourage a new level of direct interaction between their teams and their customer's teams. Indeed this improved interfacing can result in far more ‘meetings of minds' than would normally be affordable due to the high costs of transporting a full team onsite to a client that may even be on the other side of the world.

Adding all this together, and not forgetting the increasing environmental concerns regarding carbon emissions from aircraft and motor vehicles, business now have a clear financial incentive to embrace new The conference call technologies as well adding significant amounts to their bottom line by reducing costly and sometime unnecessary travel.

About the Author:

James King has been working in the business services industry for over 15 years. He enjoys writing about business, technology and especially conference call facilities.

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