Sudbury Communications: Review Your Website Periodically

Technology, tools, and methods evolve VERY quickly in the Internet. You should review your website every 6 to 12 months. The "latest and greatest" is now over "two Internet years" old (every three months, another software generation is released).

Your competitors who may have been lagging behind when your site was built may end up leading, because they are using better methods. Because of the annual doubling of Internet usage, twice as many people will see the year-old site (now just getting dated looking) than saw it when it was brand-spanking new!

Review these items, asking yourself these questions. Be sure to survey your clients and website visitors (surprise! these might be two distinct groups)

  1. Does the site meet client expectations? Does it communicate the correct quality and personality?
  2. Does it communicate desired information or services (from a client's perspective)? Is it useful and interesting?
  3. What tangible benefits are provided by the site? Is there enough information and value to justify return visits?
  4. How often would is the site revisited? Why? What pages get the most traffic? Check your server's traffic log files.
  5. Does the site successfully promote corporate products & services? Does it actually sell them or just advertise them (the world is ready for e-commerce now)
  6. Does each page serve an obvious purpose, and does it move clients to a purchase decision or a problem resolution (in client support, for example).
  7. Do the site graphics and other media balance the download time with the information value? Could you reduce or increase their usage?
  8. How does it compare to competitors' sites? What are they doing that your site is missing? Would you recommend your site to a friend or colleague?

It is important to surf your competitors' web sites, and even to browse other site in unrelated industries (the computer industry is usually the first to use no technologies or techniques). If you are not advancing faster than your competitors, you can quickly lose your reputation as a leader in Internet marketing, and your market share in this new medium.

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