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Web Marketing is the art of designing a site that looks good to search engines, and getting the site listed on as many search engines and directories where your target audience may be surfing for information. Once the site has been properly created, it needs to be submitted, preferably by some automated process.

Of course being listed is one thing, being listed first (or close to it) is even better. That requires selecting keywords and META tags, as well as possibly modifying your website (even getting rid of frames), in order to optimize its placement on various search engines and directories. Each search engine ranks sites differently, using their unique ranking algorithms (rules). This makes it difficult to rank equally well on all the major search engines. For a large or complex site, the process can quickly become complex, but can still provide significant benefits compared to other advertising & promotion techniques

That's where expert advice, experienced feedback, and efficient tools come in handy. Web marketing services (including FoundLocally) may appear to be pricier than the software. It should be remembered that even with automated submission tools, there is still significant manual effort required in creating and then processing submissions. Your web site may also benefit from the seasoned business judgement in setting your META tags and keyword (and editing your web site's HTML coding) to optimize for each particular search engines your clients use, based on their latest ranking algorithms.

Here are some tools and tops for doing your own web marketing:

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