Sudbury Business Operations: Computers And Electronics Recycling

Most people replace their computers, monitors, printers, and other electronic devices every 3-5 years. Some high-performance items like games, cell phones, and palm computers are often replaced every year or two.

This high turnover makes electronic waste an increasing and significant problem, especially since they contain significant amounts of lead and heavy metals that are dangerous to the environment, as well as some other metals (gold, silver, palladium) that have solid value in recycling, as well as other metals, glass and plastic

There are a number of Electonics Recycling Programs across Canada:

Another alternatives to sending your computer to the landfill is to pass it on to a willing school or charity. You can also put a notice on a community bulletin board offering your computer free for the taking. Many people without a computer will still find use with the word processor and basic programs.