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Sudbury Sports & Recreation

Golfing gets you outdoors!

Golfing season is now upon us. Check out this city & area's most complete golf course listings.

Sudbury Travel Tourism

West Bay of Wanapatei Lake

There's more to Sudbury than the Big Nickel and Science North. The Sudbury Basin is dotted with mines and mining artifacts. You can check out the Copper Cliff Museum as ell as the nearby Superstack (but only from a distance) and the slag pits (most interesting at night)

Sudbury Business

Car Tipper at the Clarabelle Mine, side view

Sudbury is built on mining of nickel and other metals from the Subury Basin, the likely result of a meteor strike many millions of years ago.

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Sudbury Shopping

Busy Cedar Street in Sudbury

Sudbury has four main shopping areas: its busy downtown, Regent Street to the south, along Kinsgway Rd to the east, and along LaSalle Blvd around Barrydowne. The distances are not great, so shoppers have lots of selection close-by,

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