Sudbury Competitive Sports scene

Sudbury has some great opportunities to watch somebody ELSE sweat it out, with some top-level competitive athletes.

Sudbury Wolves The Sudbury Wolves are in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Exciting Wolves hockey games are played at the Sudbury Arena (240 Elgin Street South). The regular hockey season runs from late September to end of February, followed by the playoffs. The Wolves have had a number of players graduate to the NHL.

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    Laurentian University Voyageurs All varsity team at Laurentian university are called the "Voyageurs". The teams play other colleges and universities, primarily in eastern Canada in the sports of basketball, cross-country running, nordic skiing, swimming, track & field, hockey (mens), soccer (mens), volleyball (mens). Competititions are generally held at the athletic facilities on the Unversity campus.

    Sudbury Spartans This football team plays other Ontario teams in the Northern Football Conference, ranging from Sault Ste Marie, to North Bay and to around Toronto. The football season begins early July and ends in October.
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