Sudbury Shopping Areas and Shopping Districts

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In the Sudbury area, there are three key retail districts, where you can find pretty well anything you're looking for:

Busses on Cedar Street, downtown This is the older part of Sudbury, particularly along Larch and Cedar, and has some quaint shops and services. Just a bit to the north is the new Sudbury City Centre. Because of the various government and civic offices in the area, this shopping district is most busy weekdays and at lunchtime.

Paris & Regent
Paris Street, south of Ramsey Lake, and Regent Street east of Paris (known locally as the "Four Corners"), has a heavy concentration of suburban malls and also has a number of smaller stores and services.

Lasalle - Kingsway
Futureshop at New Sudbury Centre This area, north east of downtown, in the area known as New Sudbury, has a number of large malls, including the largest in Sudbury (the New Sudbury Centre) along Lasalle Blvd. Kingsway is busy for those coming home from downtown--or points west-- and box-type "category killer" stores.

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