Onaping Falls - Sudbury, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Onaping Falls was an amalgamation of the Dowling, Onaping, and Levack communities along an 11 kilometre stretch of highway 144, northwest of Sudbury. These were company mining towns prior to their amalgamation. The community was named for the scenic waterfalls on the Onaping River. In 2001, it was amalgamated into the city of Greater Sudbury and became part of Ward 3.


Dowling has 3 elementary schools, Onaping has 2 elementary schools, and Levack has the district high school.


The is some shopping in each of the communities


Dowling has an ice arena and parkland along and near the Onaping River. Onaping ha a small city-run ski hill and is adjacent to the Windy Lake Provincial Park, with 3 long beaches and popular for camping, swimming, fishing and sailing. In winter the park is popular for both cross country skiing and ice fishing. Levack also has an indoor ice arena.

At the High Falls, the Onaping River drops 46 metres (151 feet) at a point where the Canadian Shield meets the Sudbury Nickel Irruptive, a 2 billion year old meteor strike. At the A. Y. Jackson Lookout, off Highway 144 you can see the view mad famous by the Group of Seven artist.


The community is mostly single family homes (85%) with a small variety of multi-family dwellings.

Community Map

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