Sudbury Ontario Recycling at Bottle Depots

Recycling is not just good for the environment, but you could even make some extra money. Re-use and Recycle - scrap for cash! The government requires that many consumer containers be recyclable, and still others re-useable. To prevent wasting re-useable containers, manufacturers and retailers may charge a deposit on the containers when you buy the products inside. These deposits are returned when customers return the containers.

Recyclable containers in Ontario with a deposit include:

  • Aluminium beer cans (Canadian brands only). Return to the Beer Store for $.10/can refund.
  • Beer Bottles (Canadian brands only). Return to the Beer Store for $.10/can refund
  • Refillable soft drink ontainers. Return to retailer for $.40/bottle refund.

Scrap metal dealers will accept certain types of recyclable metals in sufficient quantities. Some schools even save their empty aluminum beverage cans, and sell them to scrap dealers as a fundraising initiative. The following businesses in the Sudbury area buy scrap metal:

  • Good Neighbour Salvage Assoc. - 5238 Hwy 69 South, Sudbury 522-5080
  • Ray's Recycled Metals (Will pick-up at your site) 670-9429
  • Scrappie's Salvage Iron and Metal - 886 Suez Drive, Hanmer 969-5240
  • Sudbury Iron and Copper Ltd. - 1273 Kelly Lake Road, Sudbury 673-1313
  • Valley Scrap Metals Inc. - 1818 Kenneth Drive, Val Therese 969-5132

Blue Box Recycling
If you don't want to take the trouble to save up sufficient quantities of scrap for cash at dealers, you can always drop it in your blue box, and have it picked up at the curb. Recyclable products accepted by the blue box program include:

  • Aluminum - cans, wrap, pie plates, lawn chair frames, toboggans
  • Corrugated cardboard - (cut or folded into a manageable size)
  • box board - cereal boxes, etc. (flattened). No waxed milk cartons, please!
  • Glass - all kinds (rinsed, not broken)
  • Plastic containers
  • Tetrapaks

Note that in some areas, blue box pick-up days are different from your regular household garbage pick-up day. Call the Regional Municipality of Sudbury for the blue box day in your neighbourhood at (705) 673-2171.

Over 500 million containers are returned each year, which is about 80 - 90 per cent of all those containers manufactured and sold. Of course, many of the balance are accounted for by the "blue box" program and are recycled, so our land fills are not burdened with unnecessary waste materials.
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